Where does all the coins go?

Bangalore days are back, and the search for coins too. Like rain, coins are also rare in Bangalore. If you find some, you are lucky. People feel that coins are something auspecious so they won’t let it go, especially the BMTC conductors. For them even notes are auspecious, that they won’t give it easily. They will write on the back side of your ticket, so that you can use the ticket instead of cash.

RBI gave permission to BMTC, that BMTC conductor’s signature is as valid as that of RBI governer’s. You can use the BMTC ticket with conductor’s signature, equivalent to an Indian rupee with RBI governer’s. If you feel that the signature of a conductor is invalid and want balance back in Indian rupee, then you will have to fight. Every conductor knows Hindi while asking for ticket, but forgets it when we ask for the balance. They don’t keep coins with them, as they feel that it too heavy to carry, or might be thinking that bus fare should be fixed as multiples of 10.

With a ticket signed by a newly appointed RBI governer, sorry……., BMTC conductor,¬† I went to the grocerry shop. The shopkeeper is unaware of the RBI notification, so I have to¬† give him Indian rupee. After paying the bill he gave me five Cadbury toffee. Oh god, how sweet this person is!!!. I should shop here every day. Saying thank you, I counted the balance!!! Oh .. there is 5 rupee less!! Smiling shopkeeper also doesn’t have coins. But RBI didn’t give him permission to sign on the back side of the the bill..

After all these I am still in search of coins.. Where does all the coins go?

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I wish I could go back in time

It’s been long since I wrote on my page. I’ve been searching for a space. This writing doesn’t mean that I have found my space, but I feel a lot relaxed after all those hectic days. Travel, Medicines and Hospitals have made me sick. Now I have found another world, where the pace is pretty moderate. Life goes as it is and the vivid colors of Bangalore street are no more in my days. The subtle green leaves of the wood, the dark paths with vehicles and a nice place where I recreate my collage days, are all that fills my days. The wind that blows with dust embedded in it, touches my face many a days; I enjoy the heat of sun, the rays of hope which I missed a lot in the air conditioned rooms at Bangalore. But I feel there is something that always pulls me back to Bangalore. I thought of it for many days. The journey that I do everyday was filled with this, and I solved it at last. Its my friends, those rare species that I found at my 2 years stay, that always pushes my thoughts of getting back to that place. Its difficult to recreate such an environment which I enjoyed during my Masters Program at Bangalore. It isn’t difficult; Impossible. All that I am today, I owe to them. The silent peaceful nights that helped me publish all the previous posts. The inspiration and support of Baba, Bhalu, Maulik and KD that helped me grow. The affection and care of Paru, Chechi and Rumu that made me face all challenges. I wish I could go back in time and be at that place for more..

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A Month

The month that changed me. It was the 9th month of 2012. To give an overview about this month, it is the month that changed me from 74 kg to 65 kg. I think no weight loss program offers such a successful result. Even the most popular weight loss program center will not dare to promise half of this. Thanks to the doctor whom I consulted on the second day of my fever.

It all started on a Sunday evening. I was back from dinner. The entire day was spend at my friend’s apartment, and I was returning to my room. I felt a little cold outside, which forced me to pull on my jackets closer to my body. The entire night was full of trouble. I woke up many times and was feeling weaker each time. The next day morning, I woke-up to have a shivering fever. I walked out of my room and took an auto to hospital. There I waited for an hour and was able to get into the doctor’s room. He had an assistant, who checked my pulse rate and blood pressure. The doctor sat at the corner of the room, away from me, might be afraid of getting infected. He wrote on a sheet of paper, to conduct lots of tests. I went to the counter, swiped my card, as my purse was not heavy enough to pay the bills and went to the lab to get myself checked up. The results came by evening and I was declared a victim of viral fever. I got 6 paracetamol for my shivering fever.

Days went by but my fever didn’t. 3 days after my hospital visit, I was still shivering with fever. Adding to that my body was getting weak. I decided to go back to home. Decision and implementation didn’t required any approval. So it happened all of a sudden. After a tiring 10 hour journey, I reached my home. I visited my family doctor. Tests were done and was diagnosed with chest infection at a beginning stage of Pneumonia. It was a horrible fortnight then. The fever played its hide and seek, with the infection not willing to leave me. After a month of horrifying experiences, and 2 months of bedrest, I came back to normal health. Thank god that I reached home in time. I feel if the doctor who treated me first had diagnosed this infection, I wouldn’t have experienced these troubles. Still I feel no weight loss program could make me so lean. ūüôā

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Divide and Rule

Ours was not the same nation that we see today, around a century ago. There were over 25 Major and many minor kingdoms ruled by kings. There were rulers who were good, and there were bad men too. The British came and exploited this. They found that its best to keep it as such, divided. Then they ruled over the divided kingdoms, making an empire of their own. Even after they left this nation handing over the power to the leaders, we didn’t left the customs that they followed. We got united under one flag, one constitution and one name, India. But the divisions were there and is continuing still. All the 28 states were based on either language or regionalism. Once the British left India, the next set of exploiters took their position, a special creed known as politicians. Those who know to smile at people only during elections and could never be found among the people for the next 5 years. You could see them on news papers, televisions and other media, either raising great deals about what happened in Tanzania, Iran and in Ecuador, or being caught by the law for their great contributions to this nations. This esteem creed found that the British policy of Divide and Rule will help them to keep their control over the people. Even some found that learning a common language could make them united and they prevented it from happening.

This is what had created today’s situation. Refuges in own nation, not because of any natural calamity, but because of the human intervention. People from north east going back to their lands from across the country, afraid of the rumors that are spread in this nation. People getting hyperactive over words or deeds by few. Why can’t they think.? Think before you do for a single minute. What are you gaining by demolishing the patriot’s monument? What are you achieving by destroying public property? Who told you that this will bring you what you wanted. This is extremely sad and heavily bad to witness. This country was united 66 years ago. We stand under one flag, we are breathing the same air. This land belongs to every Indian. Respect yourself. Respect Others. The day is near where we should realize that we are all one, and no politician or religion could separate us from being united under the protection of this nation. On that day we achieve real Independence.

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Invasion in 21st Century

The world is shrinking in each and every second. When I say so it is about the shrinking of distance. When technology grows the reach extends and what ever you need is in a hand’s reach. Why should i mention all these to you, who knows it better than me. The growth of internet, web and related technology is known to even the kid going to kinder garden.

There was a time when there was no internet, no satellites, no machines and no automobiles. Even at that point of time our country had a rich culture, eminent thinkers and great scientist. We do had trade links with the rest of the world. The  trade and wealth attracted many foreigners to our country. The traders later become rulers and the inmates became slaves. Great struggles and effort were required to get back the freedom that we lost at those time. When I see the usage of Facebook, twitter, and other internet technologies by people around me, I feel like we are again loosing our freedom. Is the technologies of 21st century making us victims of another invasion?To know the contact numbers, to remember your friends birthdays, to remember events, we depend on them now itself.  There was a time when we used to remember all our friends phone numbers, their birthdays and anniversaries. Our life is getting more and more dependent on these, and the day when we will be completely dependent on them are not that far.

There might be thoughts against what I mentioned. These are my personal thoughts. I consider human as a social animal. He evolved over time by interacting with each other in real life. He evolved over the community life he served and through the interactions with one another. But what we do over the internet is going out from real life. It is always good to have these technologies to assist you in a real life interaction and betterment. But when it becomes a virtual world where a person is confined to the 4 walls of his room, spending time with the virtual entities, the life of nature is lost. The addictions that we are getting with all these are going to be a threat of future. If we don’t take control of all these medias in a short span of time, our entire life will be depended on these service providers.

Lets get out from this virtual world, get in touch with one another. Lets enjoy the color of nature, the smell of earth. Lets switch off the phones, sign off from the internet and hang out with our friends. Lets be less dependent on the web and more dependent on our friends, family and society for our needs. Let the technology not make us slaves but the masters of them. Keep in touch.

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Freedom that got Imprisoned

Years before I was born, a man with lean built and self-made cloths, wiped off the foreign soldiers who ruled us. He didn’t have a gun or a sword. But he has got the greatest weapon that man kind had ever seen – “Sathyagraha”- insistence on truth. When his determination to remove the British rule succeeded, we become the owners of our mother land. This is the past, for people who were born after 50’s, the struggle for freedom is what they learn from text books. But we knows how much it pains when we are restricted from doing things that we like. The pain of being restricted from the owners of our own mother country is a severe one.

He struggled and served his entire life for this Nation. 65 years flew away. Where are we now? With the GDP, Industrial Growth Rate, Cash Reserve, Foreign currency stock, etc., we could blab that we are the fastest growing economy and an emerging global leader. We might become global leaders in another decade or so, but to where did the freedom that we gained 65 years ago fade off? Law makers are becoming the Law breakers and the watch dogs of democracy makes money though cheap publicity stunts. The police turns into a group of authorized criminals. Where are we going? If that man who gave us this freedom was alive to see all these, I don’t know how he would have reacted.

May be I’m wrong in understanding things. But what I see around me makes me think so. Every day when I come back to room, I could see policemen standing out in darkness to catch bikers without helmet. If they don’t stop, these law keepers doesn’t mind to pull them down. How pathetic they’ve gone. Even when I walk through the streets I could see police asking money from shops. They’ve to give or else they’ll be troubled very often. This is what I see in Bangalore. As I haven’t seen things like this before I thought this is specific to Bangalore. But I was wrong. When I went for a trip to Yercaud, I could see policemen coming in groups to the resort and eating out without paying a single penny. If they are charged, they’ll be carrying out raids and will be troubling the inmates of the resort. What an organized crime. I could just comment, but couldn’t react because the power lies with them, not with the people.

Is the police and bureaucracy the only corrupted engine in this democratic system. I would say, No. The law makers, the politicians, who are supposed to be the servants of people, are turning out to be the biggest beneficiaries of the democracy. Power lies with them. They makes the rules and they breaks it.¬† Carry money from this country to foreign banks. Earns for 10 generations.Let them do it. Even the British do take our wealth to Britain, but still we are in plenty. Dear politicians once you have earned for your third generation, please do something worthy for the people of this nation. What are they gaining from splitting people in the name of God, caste and reservation. Why do they bargain a lot in the name of regionalism. We are one nation, united under one flag. I know that the political parties need supporters, for that please don’t make the people illiterate. Please don’t spoil the education system of this nation.

We do have the largest man power. But are we utilizing it properly? 3 Generations have turned out after the independence, even now we are lacking basic amenities like food, shelter and cloth. Where do the money we pay as tax go away? To whose account is it getting accumulated. The greed of British Empire and English East India Company made us slaves for a century. Now the greed of corporates in public and private sector makes us slaves again. We earn and they’ll take it from us. Oil companies post millions as profit, still they cry of loss and increase petrol prices. How come the largest democratic nation could go out to be the worst managed and most corrupted one? Greed. I couldn’t find any other answer.

Let this all be there. Is there any safety to the life of citizens here. At any time a Maoist or a Terrorist could kidnap you. Any one could rob you at day light. Your mobile phone might get snatched,¬† your purse might get stolen, even you might be murdered for getting the 10 rupee note in your pocket. Don’t wonder, this is what I read in newspapers every day. The Army chief was busy with his law suite at supreme court, taking the Government to the court for his service extension. He got retired today, but why he wanted to continue? What benefit was he expecting in the coming year?

This nation needs a leader, a young mind with determination to lead this country, beyond the barriers of politics, regionalism and religion. We really want a new Gandhi, to lead this nation from the darkness to a bright future. “Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya”

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A Country that God Abandoned

Bounded by the mountains, cared by the sea, there was a country in the southwest of Indian sub-continent, known for its harmony. The truthfulness of people and the natural beauty made it the “God’s Own Country”. Epics depicted it as a land lifted from the ocean, ruled by a generous king. History proves it as a land ruled by three kings. Independence from British rule united those three kings of Travancore, Cochin and Malabar to form the state Kerala – God’s own country. The green plantations, thick vegetation, misty clouds and windy rains, every thing made it a nice place to live. Beyond all these there was a bond, the relationships. People knew everyone in their locality. Be it a Muslim, Christian or Hindu, they were all one, human. They shared the crops, backed up one another and build a community. This is the picture of Kerala that I always loved to share.

Climates change, crops might not bring fortune, but those people never quarreled each other. They used to share what they had in their shelves. Someone found out that going abroad will bring fortune to them, than the crops. More people followed it. Money flew to that land and economy flourished. But with that, the broad-minded¬†sharing mentality was lost. What I earn should only be mine – selfish minds grew in number.¬†Coins started accumulating around like a deadly flood. Greed of human always wanted to earn more. Then he started to do anything for money. The green meadows and thick woods fell down for one’s greed and pride to showcase his assets. As money become the centre of society everything started revolving around it. Those who couldn’t earn, were at the backyard of this show. There were political parties to support them, communal organizations to back them. There started reservation, based on caste, creed and color.¬†¬†That too was tolerable, as to the society it brought fortune and there were communities to care the nature.

The political parties that originated¬†to support the people, later turned into organizations of benefit for a few. There was no difference in their intentions, although the colour of flags were different. When power of ruling people was identified as a great source to earn money, these political organizations started fighting for it. There ended the golden era of this small country – “The God’s Own Country”. People who loved, cared and shared their daily bread starting fighting one another in the name of Flags. Verbal fights extended to physical ones. It changed their mentalities. Even the leaders who are supposed to be models for the followers added fuel to the fire¬†through their words and deeds, as to them keeping the situation heated is beneficial. religious¬†leaders, irrespective of which religion they represent, who other wise comments on every crow that flies over their head, stitched their lips; for them these political organizations are suppliers of colleges, schools and hospitals which fetch them money.

When people starts doing extreme things to hide their mistakes, the society loses its morality. Shouting at fellow-men, who raises questions that doesn’t have answer.¬†Killing opponent to just evade off the threat he possess. Brutally murdering men to prevent voices against the wrong deeds of leaders. Human trafficking, drugs and other anti-social crimes not to mention. Newspapers are adding spice to this to increase their circulation, some hiding the news to protect the organizations they represent.¬† religious¬†gurus, communal leaders, writers, artists and sportsmen, those who are alive in the society when it was having its good time is now in borrows. Either afraid of the situation or¬†not bothered of it as it is not affecting them directly or indirectly. There isn’t any leader to guide the society, no one to shred light. Those who come forward are muted off. What happened to this society. Is money everything? Will the flag you hold bring you peace? This is turning into a country that God abandoned.

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